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Holistic nutrition - I have passed my exam!

Holistic nutrition Sandra Ludes - intestinal health

Holistic nutrition - I have passed my exam! The last 2 years I have completed a training for holistic nutrition and now I have passed my exam! 

Now I would like to share my knowledge, which I have gained for us in everyday life, on my Foodblog, on Instagram and in my books with you. I am originally a graphic designer and love to combine this with my new passion (healthy, natural, sugar-free cooking). My tips are purely personal experiences and of course cannot replace a doctor. For incompatibilities and allergies you should always consult the doctor of your choice!

A few years ago, I cooked average healthy food. I thought then, but now I know how many aromas, flavour enhancers and refined sugar are smuggled into supposedly "healthy" products. 

Our incompatibilities led me to healthy cooking. Through my training in holistic nutrition I have been able to understand for myself and my family how the connections in the body work and why certain things are especially good for us.

Everything takes time! Even with us! Because one thing is clear! A change of diet only works if it tastes really good! So it takes time. Just to try out which alternative is best for you!

For example, in my recipes I show you a plant-based milk variant, but mostly also a conventional milk. Because if you are still suspicious of almond milk, just use your regular milk. The recipe will still work, you won't overtax your family with too much unfamiliar stuff and you can slowly get closer to it. And maybe, little by little, you will try the vegetable alternative. The pancakes and muffins are great for this!

Less meat, no refined sugar, gluten-free and plant-based This is the development of the last few years in our country, caused by our intolerances. 

So my food blog is ideal for families who want to make a change.

If you don't have to watch out for gluten, simply replace my gluten-free "wholemeal rice flour" with your favourite wholemeal flour. And if you're missing the meat or fish, just add it to your diet! You won't find a "must" or a raised forefinger with me, because I think each of you knows best how to make your family's favorite food taste. And only in this way a change to a healthier everyday life can work!

You can simply try out recipes 1 or 2 times a week. Best of all recipes that you and your loved ones already like. Little by little you will see that your body really gets the urge for the many colourful, wonderfully fresh and delicious dishes!

Holistic nutrition - let yourself be inspired and participate! 

By the way you can find more recipe inspirations and my book trailer on my YouTube channel. Also check out Instagram! And on Pinterest, I collect everything I like about the house, living, kids and fashion.

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  • Reply
    Ines Klöckner
    September 7, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Hello, dear,

    I have great interest in you and you have passed great holistic diet. congratulations ... I would like to register soon holistic nutrition training in distance learning. where do you have holistic nutrition with foodblogger in distance learning ? my direction more sugar-free, foodblogger, book

    LG ines Klöckner

    • Reply
      Sandra Ludes
      September 23, 2020 at 10:23 am

      Dear Ines,
      I studied Holistic Nutrition at the Academy of Naturopathy (as a distance learning course) and was very satisfied! I wish you much success!

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