The first holidays under the star "gluten-free" with my children were always fraught with a small feeling of unease. Can we get gluten-free bread there? What about the additives? My suitcase was always full of durable rolls and cereals to be prepared.

Meanwhile we have already experienced many wonderful holidays, and I myself have become very relaxed in this respect! (And my suitcase much lighter!)

There are so many beautiful, delicious "Healthy Spots", healthy cafés where you can also get gluten-free, wonderful access.
And if you can't find one? Even in "normal restaurants" we always find something delicious for us! Especially the Mediterranean cuisine is very grateful here. You just have to realize that besides pasta, pizza and bread there are a thousand delicious things to eat. By this way, there are rice, vegetable or potato dishes on each card. For breakfast, instead of bread, one can also have an omelette, yogurt with fruits or a smoothie. But meanwhile, many hotels also have gluten-free rolls and muesli. If you are unsure, just ask the hotel by e-mail.
We were very surprised in California! There we found gluten-free options almost everywhere. To read the travelogue, please go below. (There were so many great places we found with the kids that this travel report not only offers culinary tips, but also shows which wonderful places you should definitely plan on on your California tour!)

In the travelogue about Mallorca I show you many delicious cafés and restaurants where you can feast with incompatibilities! Especially in the in district "Santa Catalina" in Palma de Mallorca you can find many gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and healthy options! But also in Soller we found what we were looking for! Let us surprise you!

On my book tour in Munich and Hamburg, I also found a few new cafés with "favourite place guarantee"! Whether it's "What we really love" in Hamburg-Eppendorf or "Wagner's Juicery" in Munich - it's just wonderful what many wonderful options you have!

Of course, Cologne should not be missing either! Well then rummage around!

Gluten-free and healthy through California with children