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Healthy gut - What is actually "healthy gut"?


Healthy intestine / intestinal health - The intestine is really a true wonder of nature! With all its twists and turns it is responsible for 80% of our immune system! But it can only work as well as it is supplied by us! It has up to 100 billion(!) helpers, small microorganisms - the intestinal bacteria. We should take good care of them, because they protect us, supply us with nutrients, even produce some vitamins and form a healthy intestinal flora, so that the intestinal wall is protected. This protective shield on our intestinal mucosa does not allow harmful substances to enter our blood through the intestinal wall. In addition, the good intestinal bacteria prevent bad intestinal bacteria from settling. 

You can see how important it is that the intestinal wall is well protected by the following: With our food not only vitamins and nutrients enter our body, but also foreign substances and pathogens. They could also enter our bloodstream through an unprotected intestinal wall. This must be prevented. Therefore, for a healthy intestine we need a healthy intestinal flora, good intestinal bacteria that allow vitamins and nutrients to pass through and ward off everything else.

Healthy intestine - 80% of our immune system is located in our intestine!

It is worthwhile to take care of the good intestinal bacteria. We can do this by giving them food they like, e.g. nuts, pulses, almonds, asparagus, leeks, oats, fruit, yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, turmeric... If they feel comfortable in our intestinal environment, they settle more and more. 

In contrast, they can be excreted when the intestinal environment changes, now there is room for bad intestinal bacteria. Our intestinal mucosa is unprotected and many negative substances can get into our blood. A leaky gut ("leaky good") develops. Too much industrial sugar, for example, is a factor that negatively changes the intestinal milieu. Many incompatibilities can also develop.

By the way, the good intestinal bacteria are called "probiotics", and the food for these "prebiotics". If you should make an intestinal cure, and take Probiotoka, the food, i.e. the prebiotics, should be directly available with this preparation. Thus one creates optimal conditions, so that the good intestinal bacteria feel well and settle down.

So, with the next handful of almonds, think what a joyful celebration your intestinal bacteria will be celebrating and are certainly motivated to protect you as best they can from food-borne bacteria 😉

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