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Nuts, kernels, seeds etc. - Storage Tip

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Pick up grains & co. in bottles! Perfectly dosed and ingeniously stowed away!

Nuts, kernels and seeds are simply wonderful! They are full of healthy vital substances and provide our body with high-quality fats and taste really good!

But they are not only a perfect snack in between! They can be integrated into everyday life in so many different ways! I always put a few nuts in my cereal, a few pumpkin seeds or nuts in my soup (broccoli-pea soup), a few sunflower seeds over my salad. Even on my scrambled eggs they are never missing! They give such a wonderful bite to any dish. (e.g. sweet potato and lentil stew) Once you get used to them, you will never want to miss them again! Of course you can also conjure wonderful sweets out of it! (e.g. apple pie in a jar (without baking!), or our beloved Energy Balls) You can also make flour out of them, which you can then use for 1000 treats! Simply wonderfully tasty and diverse sources of protein! (e.g. our favourite bread)

For this to work in everyday life, you should place this valuable supply in such a way that it lands on your plate in one easy step. Because only what is simple and suitable for everyday use will work permanently.

I reorganized my grains and cereal, etc. a few weeks ago. And I put them in bottles! They are quickly placed on the breakfast table, you simply pour in the desired amount - without spoons, perfectly dosed and absolutely space-saving! I have a deep drawer in which I keep everything concerning muesli, grains and co. Since the bottles are so beautifully slim, they fit in wonderfully. They are also not impractically stacked on top of each other, but you can grip them perfectly.

But of course glass containers of any kind work! They also look great on the kitchen sideboard! If you want some more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest account. In the pinboard "kitchen accessories" I have collected many examples and ideas for you! link:üchenaccessoires/

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