Healthy can be so simple! How I went from graphic design to gluten-free & healthy cooking for my family and now I have even published my own cookbook

Actually I am a passionate graphic designer. And mother. And now I'm a family chef & cookbook author. On my healthy food blog and with my healthy & gluten-free cookbook "My healthy happy family" I would like to show you how wonderfully easy it can be to bring a little health into the family everyday life.

I was never the kitchen fairy who likes to spend long hours in the kitchen. Cooking was rather something I was not so good at. Due to the intolerances of my children and me, I had to change our diet to freshly prepared, gluten-free, sugar-free and without colorants and preservatives. I only really realised what this meant when I was forced to read the lists of ingredients in the supermarket on supposedly "healthy" food products. It's crazy where flavour enhancers and refined sugar are hidden everywhere! (More information about our intolerances to gluten and histamine and how we deal with them can be found here).

At the beginning I was still quite clueless and overstrained, so to speak, I cooked myself towards our new lifestyle bit by bit. I got a lot of "Clean Eating" books, and I thought they were wonderful, but my kids didn't like the recipes in them.

So I began to convert these recipes "suitable for children", simplified them, and noticed more and more how wonderfully simple "natural and fresh cooking" is! I always imagined it to be complicated, but it doesn't have to be! After all, in everyday life you don't make elaborate dishes, you want to have something on the table quickly and easily! The children's homework and the laundry mountains also need to be done and besides the job, child and household there is not much time left in the normal family madness!

Fascinated by how much better we felt after the dietary change (due to the low histamine diet even my heart rhythm disturbances disappeared!) I started studying holistic nutrition 2 years ago. Not because I would like to make this my profession, but because our new healthy way of life has kindled a spark in me.

I would like to share this spark and pass it on to you! I would like to encourage you to just get started. Not from 0 to 100, but once a week cook a recipe from your blog or cookbook, stir a few pumpkin seeds into the soup, mix a few almonds into the cereal, put a little basil over your favourite pasta. It's little things for you, but for your body it's an incredible added value! You are what you eat! Actually logical!

All my recipes are wonderfully healthy and really super tasty. Only what tastes really good to the children (and us too, of course) is published as a recipe. 1 x cooking for all! The recipes are created at our lunch table, have manageable ingredients and are usually prepared between 10-30 minutes.

The more I deal with nutrition, health, intestines and co., the more I realize: Healthy nutrition has so many chances in a positive sense, and a poor supply of industrial sugar, colorants, preservatives etc. has so many negative effects that daily fresh and healthy cooking is a huge gain.

So I learn and marvel again and again about the many wonderful processes how food supplies our body.

I will write small info articles in the blog next to my recipes under the menu item "Holistically Healthy", feed you bit by bit with the wonderful world of our body and healthy nutrition and above all give you tips on how to integrate a little "health" into your everyday life in a very simple and easy way.

Also the travelling is not ignored! The menu item "healthy & gluten-free travel" shows you where I found great "healthy cafés" and restaurants. Here you can find travel tips from our California trip and Healthy Spots on Mallorca. Also on my book tour I found wonderful healthy restaurants in Munich and Hamburg. No matter if you have to watch out for intolerances or just like to eat healthy food on the road - you'll find it here!

I am looking forward to bringing together my profession as a graphic designer, my studies of holistic nutrition and my exuberant thirst for information in this blog!

Of course you can also get inspired by my cookbook! Here I show you my pantry, give you many tips for everyday life and share 70 exclusive book recipes with you + a few favourite recipes from my blog. If you want to learn more about it, have a look here.

So you see: the glass is half full and not half empty! Let's go.

P.S. ( that still written? 🙂 ) Even though I know a lot about nutrition now, I naturally do not replace a doctor or a nutritionist. The information that I share with you is my personal experience from our dealings with intolerances and healthy eating. Of course they do not replace medical and professional advice.


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