Since I don't have to watch out for gluten, can I still cook your recipes?

Yes, of course! Many of my readers do not have to pay attention to incompatibilities! You simply take a flour of your choice instead of the gluten-free flour. The gluten-free pasta is just as easy to replace with your favourite pasta.

I'm lactose intolerant. What do I have to consider with your recipes?

All my recipes can be wonderfully modified to make them lactose-free. After all, there are a lot of herbal alternatives these days. I myself am also lactose intolerant. I use coconut milk a lot. My recipes can be cooked with both animal and vegetable alternatives. I always include both options in the ingredients list. By the way, I also create many vegan recipes! I do not want to commit myself to a certain diet. There are so many ways of nutrition today. Because of the manageable ingredients and the simplicity of the recipes, everyone can exchange everything the way they like it.

Why are all recipes in your book vegetarian?

We ourselves eat about 90% vegetarian and also often vegan. From time to time there is organic chicken or organic cold cuts. Actually I once started a recipe with meat, but then decided to leave the recipes vegetarian. Everyone can fry his piece of meat, his fish, his tofu with it or leave the recipe as vegetarian version. Because in everyday life you don't need an elaborate meat recipe. It has to go fast, that means during the week it is rather the turkey steak, which is quickly fried in the pan. I don't need a recipe for that! But for what there is to it. And this is where my recipes come into play! This approach excludes no one, and makes an all-round package possible! Each to his own taste.

What intolerances do you have and what symptoms do you trigger?

We have a gluten intolerance (gastrointestinal problems, skin itching), a histamine intolerance (dizziness, headache, palpitations) and I also have a lactose intolerance (skin itching, bloated stomach).

Did you find the change of diet difficult in the beginning?

Oh yes! At the beginning I was standing in my kitchen with a long list pretty desperate and thought we could never eat uncomplicated and delicious again. The next thought: Now it's getting so complicated that, apart from all the stress of everyday life, I spend my time only in the kitchen. But after a while I realised: So many "normal" recipes are gluten-free from Naur! Curries, rice dishes, salads, oven vegetables, potato dishes, stews...! "Insanely complicated" suddenly turned into: "How simple it is!!!" I noticed that cooking is not as complicated as I always thought it would be! It's more like "chopping up ingredients" and heating them in some way (oven, pot or pan). Period. Nothing more! Totally simple! Most of it repeats itself over and over again. Is only varied by the ingredients! My enthusiasm increased more and more! In a maximum of half an hour at lunchtime, a delicious, healthy meal is on the table! And it also gives us so many wonderful nutrients! How wonderful! Health can be so simple!

Do you always forgo sugar?

As a matter of fact I do! I stopped eating industrial sugar three years ago. There was a brief period around Christmas when I made too many exceptions. (It's not as if I hadn't been a real sugar junkie before 😉. It was during this short period that I noticed the difference so strongly! I was suddenly totally limp, I lacked energy, I was not in a good mood. The difference is really insanely big! When I left the sugar out it took me 1 week, then it was not difficult to do without it! My energy was back! The body is simply fitter! You only notice the difference when you leave it out for 1-2 weeks! It really is so much better! Little tip: It's only the first week that's hard! 😉

Do you develop all your recipes yourself?

Yes, all recipes are created at our lunch table. They are all favourite recipes, because what the children and us don't really like won't make it onto the blog or into the book! During our diet change, I looked for clean eating books. I found one, but the kids just didn't like it. So it was not practical for me as a mom. So I started to transform and combine these recipes so that my kids would really like them! Many new favourite recipes were created! Healthy, gluten-free, without refined sugar, natural and wonderfully simple!

Do you take all your photos yourself?

Yes, as a graphic designer I love photography and it is simply part of my profession. All recipe photos are mine. Except for the big portrait pictures of me in my cookbook "My healthy happy family" I made all pictures myself. The portraits of me in my book are from the wonderful photographer "Hanna Witte"( Otherwise, my children help me with photos where I can be seen!